Record Pressing

Vinyl record pressing

Precision in Every Groove

Vantiva’s record pressing process is where vinyl excellence comes to life. From the first test pressing to the final product, we’re dedicated to making sure every record strikes the right chords with its listeners.

  • Available diameters: 12″, 10″, and 7″
  • Weights: Standard 140g and heavyweight 180g
  • Color Varieties: Choose from 15 stock colors, with limitless custom variants including special features like marbling and smoked effects

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Bringing Your Vinyl to Life

Discover how our comprehensive pressing process and careful attention to detail bring your audio vision to life.

Test Pressings

We produce a limited number of samples to ensure the audio quality meets our stringent standards. Our in-house audio control experts carefully review each sample and make any necessary adjustments.

But don’t just take our word for it – we offer our clients the option to evaluate their test pressings as well to make sure every detail sounds exactly as you intended. This thorough testing is baked into our vinyl production process to guarantee our pressing machines consistently produce records of unmatched quality and without creating inefficiencies.

Full-Scale Production

Following the green light from the test pressings and the arrival of all packaging components, your project moves to full-scale production. The vinyl pressing phase is where precision engineering meets passionate craftsmanship.

Quality Assurance

Each step is executed with utmost care with multiple inspections throughout so we can be sure that every record that makes its way to stores or the hands of your listeners not only meets, but exceeds expectations.

With You From Press to Package

Once pressed to perfection, the records are handed over to our packaging team, ready to make their way into the hands of your listeners.


Vantiva is Your Trusted Partner in Vinyl Solutions

Our team of pros is dedicated to perfection at every stage of the vinyl production process. Guiding your audio from the initial cut to the final press, we ensure every record not only plays flawlessly but captures the full spectrum of the sound you intended.

For an outcome that impresses from the first note to the last, Vantiva is your premier choice.

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