Vinyl Procurement

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Leveraging Over 100 Years in the Entertainment Industry

We’ve been a trusted partner in the film and entertainment industry for over 100 years, delivering end-to-end solutions that span the breadth of our clients’ needs. Our commitment to excellence, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability that permeates every layer of our operations, including procurement. We leverage a vast network of suppliers to meet the diverse and evolving demands of our customers, from an extensive array of vinyl color variants to quality center labels, sleeves, jackets, inserts, stickers and more.


Bringing Your Creative Vision to Life

Vantiva selects only the highest-grade materials for every part of the vinyl record to create the perfect harmony of durability and aesthetic appeal.

A Spectrum of In-Stock and Custom Options

At Vantiva, your creative vision is our priority. With an extensive on-hand inventory that includes classic black and an array of 15 vibrant vinyl colors, we’ll bring your project to life in a timeline that meets your needs. But the possibilities don’t stop at our on-site stock. Explore a vast range of bespoke solutions, from unique, special order colors to custom colors and finishes, multi-colored pressing, and splatter effects that bring the wow-factor.

Explore our 2024 catalog of vinyl colors here.

Center Labels, Sleeves, and Jackets

We source superior paper, cardstocks, and sticker paper that deliver a premium feel and serve as a canvas to showcase your branding and art with crisp, clear printing.

Inserts and Stickers

Whether it’s liner notes, lyrics, collectibles, or marketing stickers, enhance the unboxing experience with a range of customizable options. 

Collector Edition Solutions

For those special releases, our procurement team excels in sourcing unique materials and innovative packaging solutions that create memorable experiences from start to finish. We’re passionate about pushing the edge of what’s possible to make your limited runs and collector editions truly stand out.

Commitment to Sustainability

Vantiva is committed to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility and sustainability across all aspects of our operations. We prioritize procuring sustainably sourced materials and working with suppliers who share this commitment to the planet, producing records that not only sound good, but do good.

Vantiva is Your Trusted Partner in Vinyl Solutions

Our team of pros is dedicated to perfection at every stage of the vinyl production process. Guiding your audio from the initial cut to the final press, we ensure every record not only plays flawlessly but captures the full spectrum of the sound you intended.

For an outcome that impresses from the first note to the last, Vantiva is your premier choice.

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