On-Site Lacquer Cutting

Vinyl record

Laying the Foundation for Vinyl Excellence

Lacquers are the first, crucial piece of the vinyl manufacturing process, transforming recorded sound into the physical format that defines vinyl. At Vantiva, we approach each lacquer cutting with unmatched skill, ensuring every record we manufacture not only delivers superior sound quality but stands the test of time and countless plays.

Your Sound, Our Craft

Vantiva delivers a full-spectrum vinyl solution that encapsulates not just the sound, but the heart and soul of your music. From the initial cut to the final press, we prioritize excellent quality and unparalleled expertise.


Precision at Every Step

Discover how we set the foundation for unmatched sound quality with Lacquer Cutting Expertise

High Quality Materials for Superior Sound

Our lacquers, crafted from premium-grade aluminum encased in a delicate layer of acetate/lacquer, guarantee durability and a flawless surface for recording.

State-of-the-Art Technology

At the heart of our process is our advanced lathe. Armed with a cutting head with two moving coils for authentic stereo sound. This technology allows us to transcribe the audio signal onto master lacquer plates with exceptional accuracy, capturing every subtle nuance of the sound.

Precision Groove Cutting

The lathe’s embossing stylus cuts an extremely precise, V-shaped spiral groove into the lacquer. This critical step guarantees that every detail of the audio is preserved, delivering the highest quality audio on vinyl. 

Crafting the Perfect Stampers

Once this master lacquer has been cut, it will undergo an intricate, two or three-step electroforming process. This creates the stampers that will perfectly press your record, time and time again, whether you need 1 or 1 million copies.


Vantiva is Your Trusted Partner in Vinyl Solutions

Our team of pros is dedicated to perfection at every stage of the vinyl production process. Guiding your audio from the initial cut to the final press, we ensure every record not only plays flawlessly but captures the full spectrum of the sound you intended.

For an outcome that impresses from the first note to the last, Vantiva is your premier choice.

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