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Unlock seamless global expansion with Vantiva. Trust in our deep regulatory expertise for scalable, tailored logistic solutions that empower your business.

Expedited Customs Clearance

Working with a logistics partner who understands the nuances of customs regulations is crucial for smooth international operations. As fulfillment experts, Vantiva knows how to leverage crucial trade legislation, commonly referred to as Section 321, to reduce your cross-border shipping costs. 


Navigating Cross-Border Complexity with Decades of Expertise

Section 321 is a key piece of legislation that offers customs duty and tariff exemptions for shipments of merchandise imported from Canada or Mexico into the US worth less than $800 USD per day. Vantiva has been at the forefront of supporting Section 321 since the program’s launch. We’ll leverage Section 321 benefits for our clients, ensuring faster customs clearance and significant savings. Our deep understanding of these regulations, combined with our proactive approach to compliance, make us your trusted partner in cross-border trade. 

Cost-Efficient Operations

Outsourcing your logistics to Vantiva means more than just cutting costs — it’s about investing in growth without the burden of managing complex logistics infrastructures. We engage optimized routing, savvy carrier negotiations, and a keen understanding of the most cost-effective transport modes, so you can be sure your logistics budget is spent strategically. 

Visibility and Control

The complexity of managing logistics across borders can often obscure the clarity of your supply chain. Vantiva changes the narrative by offering enhanced visibility, allowing for real-time tracking, inventory monitoring, and swift updates on shipment statuses, so you can stay not just on top of your supply chain, but ahead of the curve. 

Make Vantiva Your Trusted Partner in Cross-Border Trade

Tap into a wellspring of knowledge and experience in cross-border logistics that make selling your products globally a breeze.   

  • Streamlined Customs Clearance
  • Cost Optimization
  • Advanced Supply Chain Visibility
  • Expert Regulatory Guidance 
  • Scalable Logistic Solution
  • Proactive Compliance Management
  • Tailored Cross-Border Solutions


Trust Vantiva to Empower Your Business with 3PL

Whether dealing with B2B or D2C pathways, we’re here to make your operations more dependable and efficient, no matter your size or industry. Our global network of facilities lets us provide the flexibility and growth potential your business needs.

Experience how Vantiva is revolutionizing the logistics landscape with end-to-end Third party logistics (3PL) services. 

Take your logistics strategy to the next level. 


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